Establishment :

Was founded on the recommendation of the Sixth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers of Member States of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, held in Jeddah, 1395 H (June, 1975).
The 10th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers held at fez decided to place al Qods Committee under the Chairmanship of H.M. King Hassan II, King of Morocco.

Objectives :

(a) To follow-up the implementation of resolutions adopted by the Islamic Conference and by other international organizations that support or are in line with the Conference position; to liaise with other bodies, and to offer to Member States proposals it deems appropriate on implementation of resolutions, achieving their objectives, and on taking steps on developments that may arise within these terms of reference.   

 (b) To implement all Islamic Conference resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict in view of the fundamental connection between the Al-Quds question and the conflict.


The Islamic Conference of Information Ministers elects members of the Committee for three renewable years. Members of the Committee are the following:

1.      Kingdom of Morocco
2.      Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
3.      Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
4.      Republic of Iraq
5.      Syrian Arab Republic
6.      State of Palestine
7.      Republic of Lebanon
8.      Islamic Republic of Mauritania
9.      Arab Republic of Egypt
10.    People’s Republic of Bangladesh
11.    Islamic Republic of Pakistan
12.    Islamic Republic of Iran
13.    Republic of Indonesia
14.    Republic of Senegal
15.    Republic of Niger
16.    Republic of Guinea

Meetings :

The Committee convenes its meetings upon invitation of its chairman or the majority of its members. The meeting is considered a regular meeting when attended by the majority. The Committee presents reports to the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, while the General Secretariat provides all facilities necessary to carry out its work.

Chairmanship :

The Committee is chaired by His Majesty King of Morocco.


Rabat- Kingdom of Morocco



Correspondence Address:

 Rabat: 13, Lot 2, Attine Avenue -Hay Riyadh- Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco.


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