« Al Quds orphans sponsorship » program of Bayt Mal al Quds

Project description

–         Extending a regular financial support to 500 orphans from Al Quds in order to improve their material, social and moral living conditions. Through this program, Bay Mal al Quds agency seeks to:


1-    Pay a permanent monthly allowance to cover for their food, housing and other expenses;

2-    Pay for all schooling expenses by covering school fees, when needed, providing a school bang, school manuals and a school uniform, in coordination with the department of education in Al Quds;

3-    Give a comprehensive health coverage, in coordination with some hospitals in order to guarantee to the sponsored orphans a free health insurance and medical care;

4-    Extend food assistance during the month of Ramadan and clothes during religious holidays;

5-    Give an allowance during the Aid Al-Adha religious holiday to buy a sheep.


Project objectives

–            Alleviate the plight of Al Quds orphans, by guaranteeing them a minimum of life conditions;

–         Bring some joy to Al Quds orphans;

–         Give to Al Quds orphans an education that respects family ties, social solidarity and psychological stability in a way that protects them against social ills;

–         Improve the financial, social, and moral living conditions of Al Quds orphans;

–         Guarantee the schooling of Al Quds orphans in the framework of efforts made by the Agency for the fight against dropout;

–         Secure health coverage to Al Quds orphans;


Program sustainability:

1       The Agency keeps a list of the sponsored orphans, their guardians and the number of their identity cards;

2       The Agency keeps a list of 500 data sheets containing information about each orphan (photo, age, school, education level, social status …);

3       Hiring of a field assistant to follow up the project implementation;

4       Transferring the sponsorship allowance on a monthly basis directly to the orphan guardian’s bank account;

5       Signing between the Agency and the orphan guardian conventions, stipulating the sponsorship terms and the commitments of each party.


Program cost:

The sponsored orphans will receive:

–         An amount of 80 dollars monthly (960 dollars annually) to cover their living expenses;

–         An amount of 300 dollars annually to cover schooling expenses;

–         An amount of 180 dollars annually as food assistance during the month of Ramadan and clothes during religious holidays;

–         An amount of 200 dollars annually for the purchase of sacrifice sheep during Aid Al Adha.


Volunteers may pay for the above-mentioned amounts entirely or partially or according to their means. More than one volunteer may sponsor an orphan from Al Quds.


800 MAD ORPHELINS 001 810 0078262101080029 67



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