Acting on Royal instructions and under the personal guidance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency (BMAQ), the executive and operational arm of Al-Quds Committee, an affiliated body of the OIC, carries on with its mandate to protect Al-Quds and support its people in their steadfast dedication to their Holy City.

The BMAQ Agency’s Statute provides for taking the necessary measures to pool funds for the projects and programs covered by the Agency’s five-year plan of action, adopted by the deliberative bodies: namely, the Trusteeship Committee and the Board of Directors. Adequate governance mechanisms are set out to ensure optimal management and disbursement of funds, following a participatory approach, involving Jerusalemite people and institutions and complying with the principles of integrity, transparency, follow-up, accountability and assessment.

This action has yielded tangible results in the fields of education, heath, housing, culture, projects related to women, youth and children and social assistance programs targeting groups living in a hard situation.

Despite limited funds, which come from voluntary contributions of OIC Member States, along with donations from both institutions and individuals, the BMAQ Agency is maintaining an annually steady level of achievement, which places it at the forefront of institutions in Al-Quds.

Operating expenses for the Agency are secured from the annual support (US$1 million) provided by the Kingdom of Morocco.

The BMAQ Agency has won the confidence of Al-Quds populations and institutions who massively turn to the Agency to finance various projects that are part of its fields of action, which led it to improve its availability and adopt a policy of getting closer to recipients of its services.

Therefore, the Agency counts on the contribution of everybody, all Arab and Islamic governments, institutions and individuals to support this effort so as to achieve the security and safety that Al-Quds people aspire to, alleviate part of the sufferings and damages, contribute to salvage them and help them face occupation.

    – Overview on the Agency : Projects and Achievements

    – Statutes of Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency

    –  Organigramme



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